A shoutout to my body.

Dear body,

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you these past couple of months. You’re doing such an amazing job of growing my littlest baby girl, and I couldn’t be prouder of you. 
We had a rough time with our first carrying. 
Almost miscarrying @ 11 weeks. Instant bedrest. Early dilation at 27 weeks. Borderline Gestational diabetes. 
Placenta previa & placenta lakes. 
BUT. You did it. We grew a healthy almost 9lb baby. Good job. 

This time you’re doing even better. I’m so grateful! We had some early issues, but all has been well. I’m not on bedrest! (Yet, I don’t want to jinx it.) I get to walk around and be a normal pregnant lady this time around and it’s been so fun! I used to cry when I was pregnant with Lilly, “I miss walking around target! I want to drive my car… Things normal people do daily, I never got to do.
And I’m getting to. And for you body, high five. 
I want you to know, no matter how big we get this time around, it’s cool. We got this. And I love you. Thanks for helping me grow (almost) two healthy babies. 
Much love, 

My six month bump. SIX MONTHS! 


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