It’s the most wonderful time

Of the year. We’ve been going and going constantly since thanksgiving. Play dates, school, work, work/school parties, shopping, family events, birthdays… The month of December is so fun, but so freaking exhausting. Especially six months pregnant. 

I’v recently discovered I cannot let Lilly skip her “rest time.” Even if we sit in the car for 20 minutes, she needs it to function. I need it for my sanity. 

She’s become completely attached to me lately in a way that I’m totally ok with. She doesn’t like me to leave, she only wants to sleep with me. She has to be touching a part of my body, whether it’s in my lap, or a leg strewn over me. 
She’s always slept on her own and has never been a cuddly kid. Ever. (I’m the same way.) but Brandon working nights every once in a while, she just goes to bed with me. … This has backfired on us. Now all she wants is to be touching me.. And she passes out. I don’t mind it, but I do miss sleeping with my husband. (He gets to ride the couch since I’m pregnant and toss and turn and Lilly kicks him in the face multiple times a night.) 
Sorry babe we loooovvee youuuu.  

This pregnancy has just recently taken a pretty hard toll on my body. Never did I expereince numbness in my legs or such horrible hip pain w/ Lillian. At target yesterday my left butt cheek and leg went completely tingly and numb. At night I can’t stay on a certain side for more than 20 minutes without aching and turning over. (And peeing.) I’m always so grateful for this fatty baby sitting on my nerves- even if she doesn’t respond to yoga poses to get her up higher. She’s also the most active thing.. People can see my stomach moving while I’m standing up; walking. I only hope she slows down when she comes out. 
This first week of break off has been a beautiful, lazy one. Besides cleaning, wrapping gifts, getting lunch with friends and well, sitting at home. I’ve welcomed the slow pace with open arms. I’m just upset and anxious that’s it’s half done- and that I’ll have to get up early and work again in a week. Crying myself a river over here. I hate adulting.

Christmas Day came and went. This was Lilly’s first year where she didn’t wake up being a total grinch..she woke up with excitement and ran into the living room. So yay for that. She got so many toys and junk, I’ve been struggling to put it all places. (I’m one of those bitchy moms that has to have a place for every little thing we get, that day.) We have so many babies its unreal. Of course, her favorite present that Santa gave her was the $3 shopkins I got her while waiting in a Walgreens line Christmas Eve to get coffee creamer. (You can’t not have creamer for Christmas morning, ok.) So that’s cool. Such is life. Lol 

So, now we sit and wait patiently while this apparent “blizzard” hits our town. We’re stocked up on food and toys, so all should be well. We’ll see if we really get those 12” of snow. I mean, it was 70* yesterday for Christmas. 
Here we go. I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas. 

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