Snowed in and videos:

The giant blizzard happened. We’ve been trapped for FOUR DAYS. I may or may not have showered less…and I’ve done more dishes than I ever want to look at. It seems when you’re trapped, all you can do is eat. 

So that’s what we do.
Hell- we do that even when we’re not trapped in the house.
Brandon had to work today, and he said the roads are still awful, so looks like we will be here awaiting his return. (With maybe some cinnamon rolls)
Last night while I was cooking dinner, Lillian decided to prop the iPad up and make a “YouTube kids Barbie Dreamhouse” video. If you’re not familiar with her creepy YouTube videos she watches of kids playing barbies and showing what each Barbie and each toy does. This is where her shopkins obsession came from as well. These videos are the most annoying, dumbest things I’ve ever heard and watched, but they are kid appropriated and well it sparked her creativity to make one of her own.
She gets a little side tracked and begins to play for a while…but she’s back on it showing you her things in her room. It’s seriously so cute. HOW IS SHE SO BIG?! 
My favorite part is where she sniffs her bunny (always a must) and where she is showing her new Barbie pool, saying, “well, I used to have to use my moms bowls instead of a pool.” Lol. She did. Mixing bowls are awesome in comparison to a Barbie pool. 
Anyway, this is adorable. 
Also, let’s hope maybe we can get out today. Or I can at least get to the shed to put up some of my Christmas clutter. I mean, I have had it out since the beginning of November. 


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