Nightly routine…

For the past almost four years of Lilly’s life we have always rocked her to sleep. We’d put on our favorite shows (scrubs, Mindy project, the office) and she would fall asleep while we watched them. Since I found out I was pregnant in July- I stopped rocking her and we started laying in her bed with her until she fell asleep. I wish I would’ve established her sleeping on her own long ago- but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Her being rocked was her last bit of baby-ness to me. 

Since July we’ve been doing the whole, switching on and off on who’s laying with her. Sometimes when we get up she wakes up and it’s frustrating. I’m also a week away from being seven months pregnant and can’t fit in her bed anymore . Plus, I pee every 10 minutes. So it was left to Brandon, who, bless his heart passss out before she does and ends up sleeping almost the entire night in her bed. (I am completely aware that I love having our bed to myself until about 3-4 am when he finally wakes up and comes to bed, but it was beginning to be too much.) 

This week we put a little tv in her rook hooked up to Netflix. I put her twinkle lights on, turn the Tv really low and we wait for her to pass out. So far- it’s worked one night. The rest have been her getting up, crying, getting in our bed, ect. It’s extremely painful for her to sleep with us- this baby is literally breaking my back and hips, and Lilly kicking me all night doesn’t help. This situation leaves the whole family completely bitchy the next day. 

I guess we will keep sticking this out and losing sleep. Two and a half months tops till baby is here- and we need her to fall asleep on her own. HALP. 
School starting back has not helped with the cranky, tired-ness of the family either. Here’s to more sleep (at least for her) before our lives are turned upside down. 
I’ve got to go put her back in bed for the fourth time, and it’s 9:42 pm. 
***also, above her bed is my favorite book we got from her baby shower. I love it and say that quote multiple times every night. Go the f#ck to sleep, Lillian. I love you.***

One thought on “Nightly routine…

  1. I've had that exact problem (still having that problem come to think of it) and let me tell you… the TV doesn't work. What I've found that does is going on YouTube and finding a meditation for kids. I stay with Ever and pat her back while she listens to it and she falls asleep pretty quick. Might want to give it a shot.


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