A tribute to bunny.

Who would’ve thought 5 years ago almost exactly, when I had my awkward baby shower; got the gift of this tiny little bunny, it would be so significant our lives. 

He started off as a small chew toy when Lillian was teething at around 5 months old and has never left. 
He’s been through a lot. We’ve left him places and frantically found him. 
He spent the night in a Walmart once, and when all hope was lost- he was found. 
He’s been puked on, been through the sick nights, the fits, dog chewings, and school. He’s been everywhere with us, and I’m so grateful for him. 

The spot above his ear where Lillian rubbed a whole is patched by yours truly, with leftover yellow cloth from a pillowcase I had. 
I’m never allowed to wash him (unless he’s been thrown up on of course.) if he loses his smell- all hell breaks loose. 
(Ps that’s not blood, it’s fingernail polish that’s stained.) 
If your lucky, Lilly will let you sniff him for a second. (Gag) but I honestly love the smell of that nasty bunny. I love him, and I hope he never goes away and never stops providing the never ending love and comfort to my Lillian Rose. 

Cheers to you bunny, you are such a trooper and our so very loved. 


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