Our day off, thanks to MLK.

We had a Monday off thanks to the great MLK. I’m grateful, because I do think he’s awesome, and I really needed that extra day of rest. (Even though there is never really any resting.) 
I’ve been coming down with a cold, which sucks because I’m pregnant and can’t really take OTC medicines. I think there are a few I could take, but only if I get desperate enough. I don’t like to pump my body full of things if I can hold out. 
I decided to make a blog post about our day and what they usually (without work or school) look like and how they go. Not very exciting, but I tried to take a picture an hour…then toward the end I stopped. Oh well. 
I’m going to miss these days of just her and I. Soaking them all in before we have a little newborn baby girl screaming at us. 🙂 I’m also really really really trying my damnest to nest. I’m just so achey and can’t really move a lot of things. There’s another post coming with all that fun jazz. 
8:00 am wake up to go potty alarm. We were all still sleeping too. -_-

I spy an empty bed.
Her favorite cereal (and mine) is Life with a little bit of honey drizzled on top. 
After breakfast tv sesh while I fold laundry. Always laundry.


Naked & shopkins all the time.


More please. 


Coffee, shopkins & my favorite air plant I got on clearance for $1! Container and all!

Mid-morning play-doh chaos. 


Seriously, she does it all day.
How I look when I’m home. 
Robe & belly poking out.
Lazy dog never helps with anything except getting dog hair everywhere.


12:30 Lunch date to Taco Villa to meet dad and sisters.
Free food always wins.


3:00 pm dentist appt. 
(and 11 year old moccasins)
I go pee to find different scenarios like this in my bathroom sink.


We’ve been getting baby things ready! Big baby is always a help.


Little artist cutting out hearts for everyone while daddy cooks spaghetti and meatballs.


*Not pictured: DINNER and a thousand dishes*
A very tired daddy.


And lastly, besides bedtime routine is bed. They’re so perfect. 

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