Today has been one of those days where you wake up and it sucks. 

Lilly decided to wake up at 5 am and sing some rap song about “nay naying” and I had to make her close her eyes in my bed for another hour and a half of shut eye for me. 

(Just a random cute smoothie drinking bby from a couple of days ago.) 

When my alarm did go off- I woke up and went to the living room and stepped in cat vomit. I said some cuss words and cleaned it up. Went to the laundry room where we (ahem Brandon) forgot to take out the cat box so there were cat turds right outside of it. My cats hate me. I think they secretly want me to kill them because I almost did this morning. I cussed some more, woke Lilly up and we left. 
Dropped her at school; I went to work. 
Picked up Lilly- went to my dr’s appointment at 11. Pretty much my dr said, “take it easy, see you in two weeks.”
Took Lilly to McDonald’s to kill time and eat a rather unhealthy lunch until her dr’s appointment at 2 for a possible uti. We get there and she can’t go pee. So we wait. And drink. And drink. And wait. It’s now 4:00 pm and she has yet to pee and I have yet to be home. 
Dinner will probably be cereal tonight or bread. I don’t even care. We’re sitting in the car while she takes a short nap- I’m hoping I can wake her up and she’ll go pee, avoiding them cathing her and not have wasted our entire afternoon. 
I want my soft pants on and a nap. 
F you Monday. F you. 

(An old picture from last spring. I want it to be this warm and this simple already.) 

// this just in! She peed! We are home at 4:41 pm. 
DONE. And soft pants are on. 
This is worth it always. Even if it literally hurts and feels like she will rip my skin apart. I love you little baby bee. Please slow down when you come out. I can’t handle to wild children. 

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