The long weekend of absolutely nothing.

Valentines day has always been just another normal day for us, really. We’ve never been super into it- we get each other something small and usually go out to eat or eat at home. Simple. With brandon being a chef the past 5 years- he’s worked. {ps he works for Coca-cola now so we actually get to see him!} So we usually celebrated (lillian and I alone baking cupcakes) and then we would do something the next day; when everything is on clearance. 😉

Friday Lilly had her little valentines party at school, and she had so much fun with her little friends and eating a bunch of sugar. We then went to my schools valentines party…more sugar, more chaos. By the time we got home, she wasn’t down for a nap and I was practically dead with this extra 30lbs i’m carrying now. -_-
We spent pretty much the entire weekend going to bed at 8:30 almost every night (hell yeah.)
And every day at my parents, lounging, eating, and watching movies. I haven’t put my contacts in once, or any make-up. Today we have off school, (thanks presidents) and we might actually get out of the house and do something. I’m craving brinner for our day after valentines day dinner. (I honestly crave that every day, so nothing surprising there.)
Here’s some little pictures i took over the weekend. Lilly has been all about her “big baby” which i’m sure i’ve written about on here before. She’s a giant baby doll that has pen mark on her head and we literally have to take the damn thing everywhere. 

So, lots of time has been spent riding her old, beat up powerwheels car with big baby in the backyard. It’s honestly adorable. She’s playing mommy and is obsessed with babies (perfect timing, right?!)
always sneaking a snack,

i got little bee’s corner ready in our room,
I also did a bit of decorating in our bedroom,

such a terrible quality picture-but i love my twinkle lights from target,

slow mornings,

i spy a naked kid playing barbies in a tent,
I completely forgot to mention that I shattered the hell out of my phone on Thursday, thankfully my cameras are all in tact, but I can barely look through the awesome cracks all over my screen. COOL.
Other than working and school, (which by the way I only have 2 more weeks!) we’ve been doing a lot of throwing away of crap and resting. Lilly’s been so good at reading her little three-letter words and can identify a lot of her sight words. I’m pretty proud. At least every hour she asks how to spell something..I hope she enjoys reading like I do. 
This saturday is our co-ed baby sprinkle, which i’m nervous about because I hate awkward things and its going to be awkward, but I’m excited and trying to look past the anxiety. 
5 more weeks until baby is here! 3 more until Lilly is 5! 

did you know my blog has every video and picture I’ve ever posted saved? I looked back and cried this morning. Look at how our yellow wall has evolved and changed so many times. I miss my old beat up couch from the 50’s. Also, that rug is an outside rug now, all worn from the sun. 😦 TIME GOES TOO FAST. 


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