Baby "sprinkle" for little baby bee!

This weekend was my dreaded awkward baby shower. I really don’t mean dreaded, I just get so overwhelmed with these types of things and over stress about them until they are DONE. Lilly also had croup, strep and RSV the entire week before and was still recovering from all three the day of. So, that’s been fun.
 With Lillian, I didn’t get to pick much seeing as how I was on bedrest and had a total of 0 friends. I had a few come, but no one close. My moms friend threw it for me and most of the people there were in fact my moms friends. I’m grateful for it. But this pregnancy has been so much better with me being able to do things! Like, pick out stuff for my baby shower and pretty much plan it myself because I’m ocd like that.
Anyways, I really have to give it up to this lady right here. My BEST FRIEND i’ve had since forever, my mommy. She busted her butt getting her house in order, all with a hurt back. She made my dad into a painting slave- which they were doing their house anyways, but we made it all work just in time for my shower. I love my parents so much. They seriously do so much for my little family and me. I don’t know where I would be without them. They’re my favorite people.
My dad isn’t pictured because the day of my shower, he decided to work on his cars outside and came in to eat, say hello to everyone and leave. Typical dad fashion too, wearing a star wars shirt and greasy hands from his car. -_-

We kept things simple. I go for simple, with little flowers throughout the house and little chalkboard signs with cute saying placed randomly. I’m not the type for pink (EVER) and girly things. All natural all the time guys.

This first little baby has my heart. She was so excited for the baby shower, and even got a cute floral “spinny” dress. She enjoyed playing with everyone and even got a few little gifts from some super sweet people that showed her love as well as my new little baby coming into this world. 

My favorite corner of the shower. My favorite little organic burts bees my mom got me, and my God that little sign Lillian made for her little sister. HEART MELT.

Seriously, I put it above the babys bassinet in our room. I’ve got a find a way to preserve it so it doesn’t wipe off ever. 


My favorite people on this earth. This man right here decided for our baby “sprinkle” that little snacks weren’t enough, so he got to play chef again and made amazing breads with balsamic garlic dips and two giant dishes of pastas AND a yummy salad. People enjoyed the food more than the company.

They will forever have my heart. 

I am so ready for this baby! We got over 980 diapers (plus my cloth diapers I’m going to attempt) and tons of wipes. She’s going to probably be the most stylish and adorably dressed baby on this earth too. SO MUCH STUFF. We had fun figuring out my boba wrap- I think we’ve got it down. Little diapers are in a cubby by our bed, and everything has been washed. We’re just waiting on you, little bee.
I realize later reading this I said favorite like 40 times, but thats ok. Because everyone and everything in this is a favorite.


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