37 weeks (pregnancy questionnaire/update)

I decided to do a fun pregnancy questionnaire, you know- right before I give birth instead of halfway through like normal people. I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for a good month and a half.. (Oops) i had to switch everything from 32 weeks to now. 


How far along? 37 weeks  

How big is baby? Huge as usual.. App says the size of a honeydew melon but whatever I have giant kids, so like the size of a baby whale. 

Total weight gain/loss: I hit the 26 pound mark this week. COOL. Still happy it’s not the 40 I did w/ Lillian. 

Maternity clothes? I wear skirts that barely fit, shirts that barely fit and some barely fitting maternity leggings. I have like 2 outfits right now. 

Sleep: Barely any. Constantly tired but I pee every 30 minutes and can’t get comfortable. 

Best moment this week: I love love love feeling this baby, even though I have a for real bruise on my rib from her moving so much and so hard. 

Movement: CONSTANT. They say it’s supposed to slow down by now but she hasn’t. 

Food cravings: still brinner items and lately it’s been McDonald’s soft serve ice cream cones omgggg

Food Aversions: buffalo wings still

Gender: Still a girl (I hope!)

Labor Signs: I’ve had bh contractions since about 16 weeks- but last week I was at a 2 already so the past month they’ve been real ones. Also, she dropped this week so she’s commmming. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  double chins / swollen feet in the evenings and constantly foot pain. It’s like I’m an old lady and my hips hurt. 

Belly Button in or out? Almost all out. 

What I miss: picking up Lilly and sleeping on my stomach.  

What I am looking forward to: holding my baby! And sleeping on my stomach. And being able to walk without becoming breathless in a second. 

Upcoming appointments/events:  My once a week checkup tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won’t get checked for dilation this time. Worst pain of my damn life last week.  

Weekly Wisdom: I have none. I need some. My patience is GONE. 

Milestones: like I said she dropped- so I think we’ve hit them all. Next up- birth. 

Bump Picture: 


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