Silly Lilly’s videos.

My kid has just in the past couple of months figured out kids youtube. Do you know how annoying that is? Has anyone ever sat with their kids and watched whats on there? It’s seriously people (kids and some adults which i find creepy) opening up “surprise bags” like shopkins and my little pony crap. One of her favorites is people feeding the baby alive playdough stuff (thats why she got one for her birthday.) She can seriously watch that shit for hours. Which, since my kid never watches tv gives me a break (and i’ll admit she watches it more than she should at times, especially since i’m almost 10 months pregnant) but there is a timer on the app- so that helps us control it a bit more.

Anyway, she watches them and loves to recreate them. Its funny because sometimes she’ll beg me to record her for a video, and sometimes she just sits and pretends she’s making one, which is actually pretty damn cute.

We named her videos “Silly Lilly’s” and we make them every once in a while. Some short, some extremely LONG- some on snapchat (which btw my name on there is pegapallo), some on the ipad…
Here are a couple that we’ve made here in the past few weeks:

My favorite part of these is when she says, “Please click like and “escribe” and comment below.” because thats what the youtube people say- but I don’t put them on a public youtube.
Seriously, she’s so cute sometimes I can’t handle it.
So here are a bunch of videos of my damn cute kid.

How to swing.
How to use a bubble machine.
An extremely long video of her displaying her shopkins.
Smoothie making with Silly Lilly.
Also, here is her adorable birthday dinner video like i promised. 
She’s the sweetest. 


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