The day before.

The day before we met you. (I’ve got a birth story and introduction post coming sometime soon I promise, but things do need to go in order!) 

The day before we met you Lillian and I woke up from her nap and I decided to take some pictures of you in my belly with her. Just on our bed. Grainy. Dirty hair and all.  
Little did I know that night after we had dinner and I chalked with her outside- we’d go to bed & I’d go into labor. Little did she know she’d be a big sister that next day. I’d be a mama of two. These are our last documented pictures of just me and my dove literal hours before our lives changed; and for these spontaneous iPhone grainy photos- I am forever greatful. I will forever cherish. 

You made me a mama first Lillian Rose, you made me strong and taught me love is so fierce and overwhelming. Forever my baby you’ll be. 


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