Violet Wren- your first two weeks home.

Here we are, and you’re already two weeks old! Time has flown by (except those nights, those seem to drag on.)

You weigh 7.6 (from the 6.9 we left the hospital at that’s amazingly chubby)
Ah, so I totally did not forget how hard the newborn phase was. Probably why I waited a good 5 years to do it again. They’re not kidding when they say babies eat-sleep-poop-repeat. 
You’ve gotten so good at breastfeeding! (Something your sister could never really do.) we used the shield for a good week and a half- and have been going two days strong without it! You’re latch is good- but sometimes still hurts at first. 
We’ve had issues with gas/reflux and are going on Tuesday for an x-ray to see if it’s reflux. You’re doesn’t want to put you on anything since you’ve gained just fine…but I know that you’re in pain. I see it and I can hear it come up. Hopefully things will go smoothly, i have to let you fast for 2+ hours…which you eat more frequent…so lets pray things go ok. (Lilly was on baby zantac too until about 3 months) If they can’t really see the reflux i’ll just have to start really eliminating dairy/garlic and everything that I love out of my diet until we figure this mess out. -__-

You fuss and cry after each feed bc of my hard letdown and over supply of milk (and reflux). It breaks my heart. I pumped for 5 minutes the other day and got 4 ounces. TOO MUCH. So, we’ve been trying to figure that out and sorta force you to take a pacifier since you have the hiccups constantly and feel the need to nurse 24/7. 
Other than that- breastfeeding is going way better this time. (Especially after my milk came in and my boobs almost exploded but didn’t and now they’re good.) 

Besides the little fuss and constant vomit you do- you’re a pretty sweet, easy going baby. You tolerate your sisters loud screaming, her obsession with kissing you all over and you even nap at the same time as her (sometimes.) 

We can’t imagine life now without you. You love your mama and will turn your head to my voice from across the room. Lilly was so attached to Brandon, it’s nice to have one be attached to me all the time. (Kinda, it’s also exhausting but my arm muscles are getting strong.)

Sometimes you sleep 2.5 hours through the night and that saves my sanity. Sometimes you take a whole hour to put down.. Leaving me with an hour to drift off before you wake again. 
My bags under my eyes have bags. 

So far here are you likes and dislikes for your whole two weeks of life.

Car seat (opposite of your sister) 
Boba wrap
Being held 
Sleeping on your side or on our chest
The bouncer (occasionally, and it has to be on vibrate)
Bath time

Being squeezed by your sister.
Pacifier (it’s getting better)
Being held by anyone else besides me (sometimes!) 
Diaper changes 
Pooping (it scares you bc it’s always explosive) 
Putting clothes on
The mamaroo (you better really start liking that thing soon, kid!)

We love you so much! Even with all of the trials and me feeling like I’m completely new at this whole mothering thing again, (im up late googling EVERYTHING) i’m so glad you’re here with us. You made us complete for now and I can’t imagine now waking up to your little cry and kissing the top of that fuzzy head.

With Lillian I had a bad case of PPD , which terrified me of having you, but so far (knocking on all the wood) it’s been smoother. I’ve had a few baby blues days where I just cry.. Mainly from lack of sleep and missing out on doing a lot with your sister. 
(My hormones have me insanely upset about Lilly and how I feel like I’m not close enough with her, but from what I’ve heard that’s to be expected.. Especially going from one kid for so long to two.) 

I’ve also cried in the shower while squeezing milk out of my over giantly filled boobies. *apparently that’s normal too, lol*

My c-section recovery at home has been so much easier this time too! (and the birth, which i’m still working on that one) I even slept on my stomach the other night! FIRST TIME IN MONTHS!

We love you so, so much our little Wrenny-roo, little turtle bebe, shmee-shmoo, Violet bee. 
(we always have excessive amounts of nicknames for our babies) We’re so happy you’re in our lives. You make things better, and smell so good with your baby smell sweetness. 

Hospital milk drunk.

So little and so fresh!

The best big sister, so happy to finally have you out!

The best little eyes.
Easter photoshoot.

Sweetest little dreamer.

Violet Wren, realizing we’re her family on day four of life.

In comparison to Lillian’s big babies.

You occasionally find your thumb and it’s the sweetest sound/thing ever.

Y’alls first nap together. We do this daily (or try to, sometimes you’re wide awake.)

Sister singing to you while she swings and we watch her.

Hello little bee.

You’re adorable fuss face.

Self explanatory. This is my life with you 24/7 little bee.

You’re first gassy smile; captured.

Sister squeezes. You’re face is priceless because you secretly hate it and she has no clue.


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