One month!

Wrenny-roo! You’re a month old! You’ve just started really, really recognizing us and cooing! I love your little squeals. You try so hard, but usually get frustrated after a while of laying there trying to communicate. You’ve also just discovered your limbs are attached to your body, and love when I play with your legs and feet. You also enjoy smacking yourself in the face with your hands. 

How in the hell has it already been one month? I feel like the past 4 weeks have flown by. Like you’ve been in this family forever. You’re our new normal, and as hard as it is at times, we love it and you.

You, little one are a fussy baby. You fuss in your sleep. You fuss when you’re awake and you fuss when you’re even being held. Not screaming fussy- just “bitchy” fussy. It’s the funniest thing. You’ll sit there and yammer on even when you’re happy. You’ve just constantly got something to say. You even grunt in your sleep, which keeps me up. 
You nurse like a champ and are trying as hard as you can to handle my over supply & letdown. We still have some tummy issues but I’m hoping with age and time- they’ll dissolve. 
You have at least 1-2 explosive poops a day, usually mornings only. Most of the time they result in a sink bath. 
*funny story, I was making your sisters lunch and having to bathe you in the sink while I watched her noodles boil* 
You love your carseat and to be moving in the car. As soon as it stops (school pick ups) is when you lose it.

You enjoy being swaddled only for bedtime or nap time. The rest of the day you doze on and off without the burrito wrap. 
You of course never nap when its conveinant for me. Like when your sister naps for two hours and you choose that time of day to scream bloody murder. Or when she’s at school.. So never can I ever really nap. She’s up when your down and well you get it. Ah- life with two kids. (I’m actually typing this while she’s asleep and you stare at me with your big (blue/brown we don’t know yet) eyes.

I can tell you’re gaining weight like a pro. You’re boobies are filling out nicely as is the rest of your lumps and rolls. I can’t wait for you to get even bigger and fatter. You seriously live on my boob so I mean, I’d be concerned if you weren’t gaining.

YOU ARE THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE BABY TO BURP. Ever. It takes us 30 minutes after a feed or never. (That’s usually when you projectile vomit on me, or your sisters face.) 
 Despite all of the gas, vomit & lack of sleep, we’re so happy you’re here. We love you and your expressions. I love the smell of your baby head that I kiss a zillion times a day. I love that you love baths and can be only conforted by me. I love that after you nurse, you have he drunkest look of happiness on your face. Milk literally rolls down into your neck rolls. I love to watch your hands when you nurse because you pray. It’s the sweetest thing. I also love to watch your feet and toes because you get so into eating that they move and wiggle.

(sometimes your sassy)
car and the carseat
being held 24/7
boba wrap
mamaroo -_-
everyone else
spitting up
putting clothes on
everything else
I love our nights of you nursing and looking at me. I keep the salt lamp on and that yellowish/orange light will forever hold memories of warm thoughts & us time. 
We love you little bee. 


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