Two months of Violet Wren

Happy two month birthday baby goo! I’m extremely late with the blog post, well, because you’re second kid. And having two kids is way harder than having one. I’m usually lucky if I shower. 😉

We took your 2 month pictures in your sisters old onsie. One that still holds true to BOTH OF YOU. 
It wouldn’t be you if you didn’t puke during some of the pictures. So I captured them all and posted them.  I love the way you stretch! (last pic) You do that everytime after you nurse, and it’s freaking cute. You’ve done it since birth, and its always followed by a cute or huge toot.

So, we co-sleep. It’s something I didn’t plan on, and it still kinda scares me but it’s seriously the only way you stay asleep for longer than 10 minutes and we can all get some sleep. Brandon is still terrified to sleep in bed if you’re in it- so he’s pretty much been couch surfing since your birth. Once you get a bit bigger i’m sure it won’t be a big deal and we will all be crammed in our tiny queen bed. (looking into a king bed is something on our ever growing to-do list.)
best video everrrrrrrr

(lilly made you a hat and it was adorable)
My sweet friend came by and took some of your photos. We never got your newborn ones done because they never came by in the hospital like they did with Lilly. (Apparently now you have to request it?) Anyway, we got a couple, but you aren’t “new” newborn..but close enough. 
You were wiggly, and fussed almost the whole time. (totally you) and well, they came out beautiful anyway. We love you so much. 

There’s a lot with you and your sister together, which are seriously my most cherished ones. I can’t believe i have two babies still. Y’all are perfect and i’m so glad you came into our lives when you did! 

You started smiling the day before your 6 week bday! We love getting those gummy smiles when you finally make eye contact with us or see someone you love. THEY ARE THE SWEETEST.
Since then we’ve been trying to make you laugh (you do in your sleep) but haven’t had much luck yet. You’re so close! You have been cooing some and it’s so cute. You take such big deep breaths to get the tiniest squeak out. You work so hard. You flap your arms and legs like you really think you’re going to go somewhere….SO. CUTE.
We spend most of our days (now that it’s summer, yay!) sleeping in sometimes if Lilly does, and well, I pretty much carry you all day long. Seriously. You dont let me put you down, EVER. I swore I wouldn’t let you get spoiled like Lillian did but apparently I can’t ever let my babies cry. 😉
my boobs
your sister (not touching you but talking to you from a distance)
your carseat
baths (you love love love baths)
pretty much still everything else
all of your things we bought you (or were given)
*ex. mama-roo, bouncer, bassinet, rock’n’play*
laying down flat and having your diaper changed 
(^this is a new thing just the past couple of days. you freak out thinking i left you naked for dead or something, so diaper changes are fast!)
You freaked me out a bit because you slowly became an every other day poo-er. Well, that turned into 9 freaking days. 9 DAYS WITHOUT POOP. Most bf babies i’ve seen usually poop a copule of times a day so this was frightening. Apparently, some babies use everything that eat and  can go up to 2 weeks without shitting! You’ve since your 9 day poo, pooped every other day again. I don’t know if you needed all of that extra milk for growing, but it was weird. (its saving us on diapers though so whatever.)
We love you so so so much baby goo. bubba-goo. toot-toot. tootoo. wrenny roo roo. 
****you also laughed ONCE sunday, may 29th. You haven’t done it again. -_- ****


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