3 months of Violet Wren!

3 months my little love! You’re stronger and smarter every day! 

You love to be up and moving. (With us moving you.) You’re so alert. You enjoy watching everyone and everything. Anytime I walk past you, I get the biggest smile from your face.
We joke that if you could absorb into me you would. You love to be with me 24:7. Literally. Eating, sleeping and while I eat. While I sleep. While I poop. You love me too much. 
You’re a complete drool machine. 
You’re favorite thing these days are sitting in your tiny rocker and staring, cooing and yelling at the zebra that dangles above. We like to call him your boyfriend bc you give hat damn zebra the biggest smiles ever. (You still only last 20 minutes tops in your rocker/bouncer/mamaroo) 
We’ve been practicing in your bumbo for tiny amounts of time.. If I lay you down you’ll seriously almost sit yourself up. I swear you’re just like Lillian in that way. You’ll be so much happier around month 5/6 months when you can sit and be more independent.

(this is you and Lillian, about 2/3 weeks apart in the same outfit.)

(this is your signature “stank” face. you make it 99% of the time)

(daddy’s happy fathers day surprise)

(our amazing new king bed we bought just for you)

(seriously, you own the damn bed)

As for your fussiness.. It’s gotten a bit better. We do more and you’re a lot easier to console. I mean, you still have your extreme meltdowns but so does your sister and she’s five. -_-
You usually go to sleep around 10 and sleep until about 8.. With us! And no. You don’t go all night. You still nurse about every 2/3 hours like i don’t nurse you ALL DAY LONG. (But I do) YOU LOVE THAT BOO BOO. (As we all jokingly call it now.) 
I’m guessing your about 12/13 pounds.. At a dr vist 2 weeks ago you were 11 and you don’t skip any meals.. Ever.

You’re so beautiful and getting so fat. I love it. I seriously look back at how scared I was welcoming you into our lives and now I can’t even picture you not here. Not in my bed. Not in my arms.
We’re so grateful to have you, you beautiful baby goo.

You’re in the best mood in the mornings. So smiley.


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