Comparing our lives to the annoying perfect ones.

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re on any social media and just wanted to chunk your phone across the room? 

I’ve been realllly feeling like that lately. I see moms post about how their newborn babies sleep through the night & im over here struggling to get Violet to sleep at 3 months. She still nurses like ALL night. But whatever that’s our normal. 

Everyone else’s kids have bows and look adorable and perfect and Lillian’s all over here “fixing her own hair” and “dressing herself”… Half the time she looks like a crack heads child. But I’m too tired to fight it constantly. And honestly- I love her originality. Crack head or not. 

Lots of people have these giant houses and ours is tiny and still the same. I long for change but our family just isn’t ready yet. And honestly I don’t know if I am. I’ve always been good at being humble but at times things get hard.. Maybe someday. 

Instagram moms are my favorite. I love seeing everyone’s parenting views an pictures but over the last couple of months things have become “posed” and well all the things in my house aren’t white and I only sometimes have fresh flowers from my yard in cute vases. Only sometimes. Most of the time my house has toys and some type of snack Lillian ground in the carpet. My husband is a former chef and loves to cook (which I’m so grateful for!) But my dishes in my sink are constantly piled up.

Real life. 
So here are pictures of real life on a day where my baby won’t get off my boob and I can’t clean. Here’s to the days that suck being a mom sometimes.. Screaming kids and constantly cleaning up the same things everyday. 

*cheers you guys* 


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