4 months of Wreny-roo roo!

Oh my baby! You’re so big! So quick! You’re 13 lbs and not slowing down on your chubby gains anytime soon. 

 Your fussy days are slowly becoming a thing of the past. I mean- you’ve got them still a ton, but not everyday anymore. 

(Stank face. You make this constantly.)

A couple of days ago you were so fussy and upset that I cried. I cried in the bathroom & then cried again on my front porch staring at my flowers. You screamed the whole time that day. 
I finally cut my losses and rushed to my moms hkuse. She even said something was up so I took you to a clinic. 
You were ALL SMILES AND LAUGHS there and came out clear. No ear infection or anything. 😑 so, that was embarrassing and fun. 
The next few days you’ve been pretty mild and happy to please thankfully! 
(Except for your giant meltdown at Banas birthday dinner.) 

You refuse to latch in public now. So I have taken many trips to the car so nurse you. I guess you eating under a blanket is annoying and overwhelms you. Eh. 
The dr said your teething and we can kinda feel a little tooth. You drool so much that I have to change you multiple times a day from the wet neck And your vomit. 

You are laughing constantly now and are so easy to make laugh. I get the deepest ones out of you. 
The dreaded four month sleep regression has hit. Our schedule has been thrown out the window just when we got it down. Yay. But I love you. 

I still swaddle you at night- and you still sleep right in the corner of my armpit so you can nurse all night as you please. 
I’m tired but it’s ok, if one thing I’ve learned from your sister is that y’all don’t stay little or love on us long. So in soaking it up. 

Your bumbo is what you prefer the most out of anything. Well, except us holding you.

You’re favorite thing is to chew on your hands, and you flirt with daddy anytime you see or hear his voice. 
We love you baby. 

Lilly loves to call you “chubba” aka “chubba wubba.” 
Your main name these days is TOOTOO. Shorted from toot toot, I think? Who knows. 
Daddy has his own nick names like, tsin, tsin. I’m sorry we’re a freak of a family but we love you and can’t wait to see your personality bloom even more. 
Here’s your 4 mth short video. Sorry you’re currently screaming your head off and I don’t have time to open the MacBook to link it up. Love you. 

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