Five months & kindergarten!

OViolet Wren! You are five months and I can’t believe it! I feel like I just blinked and you grew. You’ve grown the most this last month more than ever and I’m kinda depressed about it.  

I find it harder to put together your monthly things.. With school starting back up with Lilly its been crazy. I’m hoping it’ll slow down now and it’s just you and me for the day, so yay! 

Here are some things that you do now: —Grab things with your hands
-Grab feet 
-Roll over (you’ve done this for a while but I can’t remember if I said anything on your other monthly posts.) 
-Flirt with anyone that talks to you. 
-Knock shit over (coffee always) 
-Pulling the paper towel roll off while I wash dishes.
-Water bottles are your favorite thing. 
-Putting hands in coffee or any of my food.
-Watching and petting animals.
-You love Singing and dancing. 
-You Coo and talk all the time now (especially to Lula) 
-Your Screams are happy and sad and you can totally tell which ones are which 
-you HATE HATE HATE your car seat now, so that’s cool. 
-you’ve found your tongue and it’s the cutest thing! 
-Like your jumper and bumbo.. Your bumbo is your favorite thing to poop in. 
-We pulled out the walker and you enjoy sitting in it for a bit, and can even get it to scoot around some. 
-You still Prefer to be held constantly. 
-You Like to sleep half the night swaddled but then unswaddle after a while.
-AND, you still Sleep attached to my boobs all night.

You’re so amazing. Anytime you see your sisters face you light up and smile so big. 
We’ve fed you some baby food.. Sweet potatoes give you the runs so we haven’t done those again. You’ll occasionally have baby rice cereal with breastmilk, but I liquify it so much you just eat breastmilk with a spoon pretty much. 
I gave you a couple of bites of my avacado during lunch the other day and you loved it. So maybe that’ll be your favorite. 
You’ve been an awful sleeper this month. You wake up crying randomly and I have to get up and sway you for a bit until you go back to sleep. I’m guessing it’s your teeth. You’ll have extremely fussy days still but mostly your happy now! (thank god)

(Look at this side by side of you and Lillian! Same outfit- around the time age.) 

We love you and I seriously love how much you change and interact so much with us now. Everyday it’s something different. We love you so much baby girl. You have our hearts!!!

***my Lillian Rose started kindergarten this week and my heart died a little. I can’t believe we’re already here. How? I feel like I was just feeding you in your high chair. 
But, good news; You love school! (So far!) You’ve got a much better teacher this year and it’s all day.. You get to experience recess, PE, and lunch. You’ve already got little friends and I just love that you love it and are so happy. But I hate that you are so big. HATE IT. 

Dude your first pair of vans and I’m dead. You love looking just so fancy. 

Violet and I don’t know what to do without you all day, but she loves when you come home and so do I. 

This post basically depresses me that my kids are huge. I’ll go cry now. 
I want time to freeze right now. 

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