six months!

I can’t believe we’re here. Six months. Half a year. You’re half birthday. I don’t even know where to begin or how to write this…its days late because I can’t even bring myself to think about having a six month old.
Everyone that gets pregnant gets pregnant to have a six month old. I read that somewhere and it’s literally the truest thing I’ve ever read. When you get pregnant you aren’t thinking about anything but a fat baby that sits up and smiles at everything. Its seriously the best age. MY FAVORITE age. The past week, (the week of your six month birthday) you switched and all of a sudden to sit up on your own completely. Just like your sister before you, it happened so quickly and its like you’ve been doing it forever. You’ll just sit on the carpet with your little box of toys and smile and grab things to put in your mouth. You love sitting by your sister and destroying her lego houses and messing with her littest pet shop toys. She has no idea how badly youre about to cramp her style when you start crawling. NO IDEA. hahaha.

It’s getting harder to do things around the house (if that’s possible?) You grab everything, and I can’t just walk around with you anymore. You want down. You want things. You laugh. You smile at strangers. You’re like the cutest damn thing on earth.

Your highchair finally came in and you still don’t really care for baby food. You tolerate a couple of bites but are most interested in our food (just like your sister.) I gave you a couple of mashed up bites of our green beans the other night and YOU LOVED THEM. I made you some sweet potatoe puree’ and you just dont seem to like mushy things. You can eat your baby mum mum dissolavble crackers like a pro and that seems to be your fvorite thing right now. I’m wondering when I can start you on puffs and yogurt bites….

You still nurse every 2/3 hours…but i can feel my supply dropping a bit. I dont know if its because you’re getting to be a bigger girl or what…I literally love nursing and want to nurse you forever. I can see you going to college and me coming with you.

Lilly was so much more independant and serious, and still is. You’re just a happier baby. You’re still grumpy when you’re sleepy or hungry, but for the most part you’re easy to get to smile and laugh. Lilly was like pulling teeth and very few can still make her laugh. She’s selective with her people…always has been. It’s weird to see so much of the same things and so many different things. Yall are so different. Its hard for me because I’m expecting the things she did and you don’t do it her way. So, its like parenting means shit and i’m constantly learning with both of you.

You hate being in anything now except your high chair and sitting up. You dont like tummy time still…so i’m guessing you’ll be late to crawl but early to walk like Lilly.
You can put your own sassy’s in your mouth now and it’s so cute. You’re the master hair puller and you love to still have blowouts.

You got your first ear infection ON your six month birthday and it was the saddest thing. After a few days of on and off again fever that i thought was maybe teething, i took you in. I’m sorry it took me a while..I just never know with you. Teeth are ears are the same symptoms..its annoying. So you’ve been on medicine for a week now and you hate it and spit most of it out. I’m hoping at your apt your ear infection is gone..bc the way you take your medicine i could easily see it still being there. -_- You weighed 17 pounds, which you’re fat but I think lilly was still fatter, and she was def longer. You are so short. You look itty bitty in your high have the fattest, shortest legs and I love them. I seriously bite and kiss your fat little body all day.

You love your sister. LOVE HER. you cry when she’s not in the car with you and you light up anytime you see or hear her voice. I love having daughters. It literally brings tears to my eyes when i see yall interact. This is what i’ve been waiting for. I seriously could die at how cute the two of you together are.

I”m trying to think if you’re doing anything else..oh, you still dont nap ever. Typical cat napper and can sometimes go all day with barely napping. I don’t know how…it’s insane.
We love you Violet Wren. I can’t believe we’ve had you half a year. You and your sister are the light of our lives…you make our family so happy.

We love you baby. Xoxo Here’s your six month video:

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