90s chill

Here’s some thoughts racing through my mind lately. I had a good talk with a friend the other day about how everything sucks now. Why can’t everyone just be nice and live life? Just be a good person and happy. Love everyone. 

Maybe it was because I was younger, and didn’t pay attention to things. Maybe it was because there was no social media- but I honestly feel like the 90’s were simpler. Hell- I feel like 2008 was simpler..

I wish Lillian could have a Halloween party at school. Instead it’s dress up as a book character, (which by the way, we have our most favorite witch book so jokes on the system, she’s a witch.) But, What happened to innocent fun? Don’t celebrate Halloween? Don’t come to the Halloween party. Same with Christmas. They are harmless fun. No one is shoving Jesus down a kids throat at a Christmas party. It’s just fun. It’s just magical. Everything was so simple. I believe in God,  but I love Halloween with every inch of my body. I think it’s neat, make-believe and magical. Same for Christmas. Same with Santa. It’s magical. I still get the feeling I did when I was little through my children’s eyes.  It’s so simply magical. 

I get some don’t celebrate and some don’t believe, but they seriously have crushed it for others. CRUSHED IT. 

I will totally let my kids eat all the candy they want this Halloween, because it’s Halloween and that’s what you’re supposed to do. They won’t die. They’ll live and have memories of eating candy and having fun. 

I feed my kids organic things sometimes. I do. When I feel like it, but mostly when it’s on sale. Let’s be honest, they waste half of that shit anyways.. I also feed my kids Oreos, McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Why? Because there’s a balance. If all Lillian ever ate was the same carrots and grilled chicken every day she’d probably be miserable. Just like I would. Sometimes you need fries. Sometimes you need chocolate. I’m not about that life. I grew up fine eating in the cafeteria, so she eats there too. Half packed lunches and half cafeteria. BALANCE. Some of it isn’t the healthiest.. but she won’t starve. She can come home and eat a snack. 

Why are parents so weird about snacks now too? Your kid will live without 17 snacks a day. It’s ok. Maybe they will actually eat their dinner if you don’t feed them organic snacks every 10 minutes. That was mean, I’m sorry. But seriously! I cut Lilly’s snacking down and she eats her meatloaf without one peep or gag. I also am guilty of bribery- forcing her to take bites of vegetables and crying. I’m in no way saying I’m perfect. I’m far from it. Parenting is so hard, so why don’t we lift each other up instead of bashing? 

I’m sorry. This is just an extremely bitchy post. I’m just over social media in general lately. I constantly feel like my little house isn’t good enough. I see pictures of bigger houses, nicer furniture and I become the green eyed monster. I shouldn’t. I should be SO grateful for what I have. I have a roof over my head. I have food on my table. I have everything I need. I need nothing. I’m so grateful that Brandon let’s me stay home with our babies.. we cut back on so much and that’s the way I would have it. Over and over again. My house is small, but full of love and life and screaming and crying and laughter. 

This election has me embarrassed. The fact that our two candidates are this stupid, and the fact that Donald trump made it to the election just shows you how downhill everything has gotten. Like I said, let’s go back to the 90’s. politics were still around as were scandals, but Facebook and twitter didn’t have every little thing put out there and you didn’t constantly see everyone’s two cents. No one cares. No one changes their mind. 

I don’t know. I just wish I could raise my babies in the 90’s. I’m sure Lillian would love it. I’d enjoy it. Lisa frank. Rugrats. All of it. 

This post was extremely biased and I’m totally rambling. I’m sure no one will read it. Oh well. YOLO. I


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