Kitchen make-over (sort of)

I’m bored and my baby is actually sleeping. NAPPING YOU GUYS. NAPPING. I got to clean my kitchen and light some candles. I then realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of our kitchen make-over we did about a month ago. This is something that I recommend to no one ever. I will never paint again i’ve decided. It was awful. It was a two week process. It’s actually still going. I’m still fixing things, moving things..

If you know me, you know I move around my things constantly. Because that’s what you do when you stay home all day and look at the same things constantly. I hate change, but I love to rearrange things. My house is tiny. So tiny. But so warm. I love it. I grew up here. I’ve literally lived in this house for 20 years. TWENTY. We moved out when I was 15, and then we moved back in it when Lillian was 11 months old at the age of 22 for me. I love it. We’ve looked at houses, and I always just back out. I’ve worked so hard on my yard, my gardens. We’ve outgrown this house but I just can’t bring myself to not live here. I know the time will come, sooner than later that Brandon will drag me out of here… but until then, I’m gunna keep living in my tiny childhood home and raise my babies here.

OK. Back to the kitchen. I should’ve taken before pictures. But, I thought about it and then never did it. Because, i forget everything these days so oh well.
I went back on my instagram (years back people) and found as many “kitchen” photos I could find. I had a good cry because Lillian was SO SMALL. OH MY GOD. MY BABY I MISS HER BEING THIS SMALL.

But here are the before photos.



Ok, so that’s depressing. But as you can see I moved shit around constantly then too. Oh well. Look closely and you’ll see cherry stained cabinets. Dark, cozy but not my style. My mom actually stained them herself when I was about 10. So, of course I re-did them and went over all her hard work. 😉 *love ya mom*
I am in love with everything white. WHITE WHITE. It’s stupid honestly, but I have two messy kids, two cats, a dog and a chef for a husband who cooks amazingly but makes the biggest mess known to man when he cooks. BUT. It’s what I wanted. 
Let that sink in for a while. Painted WHITE over DARK CHERRY STAINED CABINETS. It took so many days and coats. SO many. We’d think we’d be finished and we’d see it leaking through. Again. There are probably still spots that aren’t completely covered. But we were so sick of having a half done kitchen with paint everywhere, we gave up and said that’s about as good as it’s going to get. I’m into simplifying things. I’ve been purging my house of everything we don’t need or use and donating it all to shelters. I’m done with the clutter. Our house is small and we need all the space we can get. 
Anyway- here’s the new to us kitchen. We still need a matching oven, but honestly who has time and money for that right now? I don’t really care, this beige oven actually cooks the best out of any of my ovens i’ve ever had. We still need to paint the walls grey. But like I said, I HATE PAINT AND NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. (but will probably do it sometime in the next couple of months. BLAH.

Everyone always has cute last name things everywhere, and brandon totally made fun of me for my little letters. But, I seriously can’t help the fact that our last name is SUGG. I can’t. I tried.

My daddy got me this for my birthday, and now I get to proudly display my essential oils, and well, I need more. 

( can you tell I love sink baths for my kids? It saves water and they look like little fat turkeys and i just love it so much.)

(i kept my clock, because I love it.. I also compromised with brandon and instead of all my vintage coffee mugs up on my little shelf, I let him put his one, whatever.)

(I painted my table this past week, WHITE, and i kinda already regret it because one my children and brandon touch it, it’s filthy. I’m also trying really hard to keep fall on my table, but i’m dying to decorate for Christmas. So it’s sorta in the mix right now. A little christmas with a little fall. Next week is all christmas baby and I’m ready. This is the longest I’ve ever waited to decorate. I’m proud of me.)

Stupid adventure time mug.

This is to show I don’t have a yellow wall anymore. After 5 years, it’s gone and I miss it. But this is much more calming, even though the yellow made me happy. Also, mine and Lillians cute little aprons are hidden behind brandon’s transformers one. I tell you, it’s so hard living with someone who has the complete opposite taste in decorating than you. I’m hoping he just gives up soon.

Kinda two shitty pictures, but proof that everything I have is slowly all white and bamboo. It makes my heart happy. And honestly, I’m just proud there isn’t food stuck and crusted on my 80’s beige oven.

Like I said, it’s not done. New oven, new wall color. But for now I’m happy with it. I might also blog a couple of pictures of my favorite corners in my house. I used to do that a while back, and i love looking back on how things have changed. I want to remember them forever. Every little detail.

And I mean, come on. I had to post a side by side of them. Lilly’s clearly like 13 months here, and Violet is about 7. BUT COME ON.


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