8 months some christmas pictures with lots of other pictures and all that jazz.

Oh my little baby. You’ve been with us earthside for 8 whole months! That looks like eternity but it feels so short. I hate time. I just hate it so much. You’re getting so big, and I can see a lot of your baby-ness starting to fade..not much though. You still don’t eat food a lot and only want me to carry you. So you’re pretty much still a baby and i’m totally fine with that forever.

You’re scooting around, and today you crawled like, one step before sitting back up. I know you can crawl. But you don’t want to. You reach for what you want and then sit back up. Lazy. I’m also totally fine with this. I don’t want to chase you around yet. I’m not ready.

You still have no teeth. Which is fine because I am terrified for my boobs. Like, scared. Anyway, you don’t eat food and will have bites of mine. But this entire month you have literally CHOKED 4 times. And i’m not talking like, coughing. I’m talking like, you can’t breathe and I have to toss you over and smack your back until you throw up. It’s so uncool. And fucking terrifying. Twice has been on your medicine. Like, really? Once was on a tiny piece of paper you found on the floor on thanksgiving, and then your last one was yesterday on puree’ baby food. Sweet potatoes. You threw up all over me. It’s the weirdest thing. I seriously hate it. I’m ready for you to outgrow it.

I still can’t ever put you down. Or do anything without holding you.
You cry for me in other peoples arms. It’s the saddest thing. And I should totally break this habit now, but I just love her and it so much.

Lillian has always favored brandon unless she’s sick or going through emotional things. I’m happy to have one that favors me, but it’s exhausting. When Brandon would come home he’d get Lilly from me. When daddy gets home, hew holds you but you end up crying for me. I get no breaks from you kid. You still don’t take a bottle either.

We took a few christmas photos the other day. None of them came out perfect but thats life. That’s kids. Yall are cute. I love you guys.

Here’s a family one. Cheese.

AND, lets just say you really want donuts and Lillian is your favorite thing to look and laugh at all the time. You’re so cranky during the day, but as soon as we pick her up you’re all smiles and trying to keep up with her. 
You guys have my heart. 



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