This post literally has no point.

Oh my God. You guys, I’m typing this. TYPING. ON A COMPUTER. ON A MAC. ON OUR NEW MAC. It’s beautiful. Its our Christmas present to each other..we haven’t had a new computer since my Mac, which was when I graduated HIGH SCHOOL. 2007. It wasn’t cutting it anymore so we’ve been without an actual working computer for a about two years now. This computer is beautiful. It’s wonderful. I’m. going to blog so hard, so much. So get ready.
I can pour my guts out and type and type and type…stupid iPhone. This, this is what dreams are made of for a mom with no life.

Anyway, without that excitement, things are kinda shitty over here on our end. I’m ready for the break. We all need this break.
Violet has had back to back ear infections for about 2 months now. Antibiotics weren’t doing the trick, so we had to go and get her antibiotic shots..two days in a row! It was awful, but so far she’s better. Knocking on all the wood! I don’t know how and why she’s getting them, but they’ve caused my “never sleeping through the night to begin with baby to wake up even more through the night.” She was doing well, only waking about 2/3 a night..but since about 6 months, it’s literally every two hours. I’m exhausted. She’s not sleeping well, and everyone is just miserable. I’m hoping we can go back to a few feeds a night instead of ALL NIGHT. I haven’t slept a full 8 hours in almost a year. Do you know what that does to a person? A LOT. It makes you question your mental state and sanity.

Lillian has been having some issues with sitting still and focusing at school. Her teacher is awesome thank goodness, but its a hard road, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. We’re struggling, but we’re making due and she’s the sweetest little best, smartest baby ever on the planet. She is and will always be my WILD CHILD.

Hmmm, lets talk stay at home mom life. It’s really taxing lately, you know, with no sleep..doctors, and just life in general. My baby doesn’t let me set her down. She screams at me while I do the dishes, or mop the floor. OR anytime I’m just not holding her. We’ve been trying to break it-but she’s not letting up at all. She won’t nap unless I’m with her- which I’ve been trying to break, resulting in no naps resulting in everyone being miserable. It’s funny, once you think you have one kid you think you have everything down. Then you have another kid and it sends you through a fucking loop. They’re not alike a lot…but are in some ways. She still won’t drink out of a bottle or a sippy cup. She still doesn’t really like baby food- and only nibbles at certain I’m still nourishing her almost 9 months old. Food before one is just for fun- right? -_-

Our water heater leaked and broke the other day. That was fun. Not.
I still need to wrap presents. I should probably shower at some point but never really have the time…and if I do, its with a baby pulling up at the bathtub and screaming at me. My eyebrows need work, my hair is constantly frizzy and pulled up in bun. Sometimes I wear make up if I get out, and it stays on my face for a few days after.

Speaking of pulling up- Violet has almost completely mastered that. And she can crawl! Only backwards though! She crawls backwards, crying and gets stuck and trapped against furniture and walls. She is seriously such an odd baby. Such a difficult baby. But she has the BEST smiles and laugh. She’s the happiest baby- if you’re playing with her. (which needs to be 24/7)

Hmmmm, what else? My stray cat I feed lives under our outside Christmas tree in a box with a blanket I made for her. She’s adorable. But, when I have the front door open my fat ass cats inside try fighting with her through the glass door. SO.

Other than that- there isn’t much else to say. I’m just really excited about my computer.
Also, this post was 99.9% me bitching, but I do love my life. And I am so grateful for it.


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