9 months of Violet Wren

Oh my goodness. How are we here! 9 months already and I’m just not ready. I can’t believe it. You’re almost 1. This isn’t fair. I hate time. I hate it so much. I feel like the days are sometimes so long but the months fly by. You are 19lbs, 26 inches long and 60% in every way.

Christmas is done, and I have a whole blog post that I’m working on for later.
(so that means like July I’ll finish it.)

– I’m sitting here in bed. You’re next to me, asleep (finally) and have to be touching some part of my body or else you’ll wake up. It’s so frustrating sometimes, but I honestly love it and I know it won’t be forever.

You’ve still got 0 teeth. NONE. Like, is this normal? Where are they? What’s going on…Lillian was already cutting her two front ones around this time..

You’ve started here lately eating finger foods..like bits of toast, waffles are you favorite, Mac and cheese bits, and pretty much anything I can tear up and throw at you..

You still can’t use a sippy cup or bottle..you chew on it, or hold it upside down and look at me like I’m insane. You also still nurse during the day every 2 hours. At night it depends..some nights it’s constant, and some it’s like every 3/4.

GUESS WHAT. You can crawl! One day, we were just sitting in the living room and I decided to move the coffee table and sit on the floor with you. As soon as I did that- BAM. You were crawling. And FAST TOO. It’s like the coffee table was hindering you from moving. Weird. Anyway, you’re so fast and you can find me in the hallway.. in the bathroom…in the kitchen…everywhere. Nothing is safe. Cords are your favorite..NOT COOL. and you put everything in your damn mouth. You choked on some Christmas tinsel the other day and it was freaking scary…so now I vacuum everyday and basically can’t let you out of my sight. I guess at least thanks for waiting 9 months…it also doesn’t help that Lilly got like 934503945904 littlest pet shop things and accessories that are perfect for you to choke on.


You officially say dada and daddy..which is complete bullshit since you’re only attached to me. But I’m sure its because most babies say it. It’s easier…I’m not holding it against you…yet…

You clap, say yay, say hi and wave..(that was last month too but I’m too lazy to see if I wrote that down. I forget a lot of things..)

You can totally pull up and have been for a while now. Still no interest in walking or using your walker..your sister loved it and was taking steps around this time…but I think you’re totally happy crawling around. (you beat Lilly at crawling!) You’re hair sticks up unless it’s dirty and I need to wash it..your bangs come to a little point in the middle of your forehead and it’s the cutest thing ever. You give kisses still and they are open and wet and the best kisses ever.

You let Lilly walk around and hold you, but get super mad and scream and hit her a lot when you want your space. I’m curious to see how that’s all going to play out in the years to come.

You’re still attached to me to where it’s unreal and people can’t really hold you. Especially if I’m in view. You’re obsessed with animals just like your sister before you..and try to follow them. Lula now knows that you drop food at your highchair just for her and sits there patiently.

You’ve got the best eyes and the cutest smile. When I make you laugh extremely hard you snort…it’s the best thing ever. I posted a video on fb of it..maybe if I ever find time I’ll make you a video…sorry I stopped those. Mama has no time.

I love you so much Violet. You make my whole day hard, fun, sweet and just perfect. You’ve literally changed our lives and it’s so fun and beautiful with you in it.Thanks for choosing us baby girl.

Here’s Lillys 9 month in comparison!


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