Mostly photos/days I want to remember.

Last week when we took Lillian lunch after Violets doctors appointment.
That little hand in the sunlight is to die for. 

Violet pulls up constantly now. Especially to get to whatever Lillian is playing with. It’s adorable and exhausting. 

I don’t want to get rid of that small bit of Christmas just yet. 

My letterfolk board is one of my favorite gifts I got. Also, all of my oils need to be rearranged.

My other favorite gift, my cast iron sink. It’s beautiful but can hold way too many dishes. Here is a rare photo of it empty. 

DIY beeswax laveneder and thyme candle…and LPS.

Blurry and unfocused…But I love her. 


Her favorite thing in the playroom is the kitchen set. 

Lilly made them each birthday cards..each stating their next age (6,1) & “sind (singed) lilly.”

LPS 4ever.

I never want to forget the clicking sound she makes w/ her littlest pet shops while she’s playing.


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