10 months

10 months. I can’t believe you’re almost a year! 10 months I have held you, rocked you, nursed you and loved you. Your little life is going by so fast and I can’t believe it. I feel like I just blinked and you crawl, eat food (sometimes) and are cruising around on the furniture. 
It’s all actually depressing. While I’m so happy you’ve mastered these things, my mommy heart breaks because I know how fast time moves. 
My sweet baby. You are the most clingy, cuddliest thing. You still nurse all the time.. and are still weird about some food. No baby food here. Never even liked it. You enjoy cucumbers, cheerios, cheetos, any bit of food we give you. You can shove an entire animal cookie in your mouth and it be gone in like 5 seconds flat. 
You still have ZERO teeth. Which I find odd.. but I love that you still have that beautiful gummy smile. 
You smile on que- and have for a while. It’s the best, head titled up, scrunchy nosed smile ever. You’ve even added some weird eye blinking to it and it just makes it the most perfect smile. 
You’re new words this past month are, “baba, hot, and what” you say hot for everything you know you’re not supposed to touch but touch anyway. (Like our little fireplace, or my phone, or coffee, or the dishwasher. )
You have the silliest personality and will give kisses anytime. It’s the best. Your kisses are so open mouthed and slobbery and delish. 
Just last night (so you’re like 10 months and 3 days) you sipped a little bit of water from a bottle! (Thank you to my mom!!) 
We will see how that all goes. It was probably a fluke but maybe you’ll drink something else and I can leave you longer than an hour or two? 
You’re a pain when we go places. You don’t like to ride in a cart, you want to be held or get down to crawl and get mad bc well you can’t crawl the isles of the store girl. 
You hate the car still. We even switched your car seat to a big girl one. You still hate it. Maybe one day I can drive without you screaming. 
Your sister is your most favorite thing. You get so happy when she’s home and follow her all around the house, destroying all of her littlest pet shop set ups and shoving every damn thing in your mouth. 
You DO NOT like when Lillian tries to pick you up or get in your face with love- you hit her and push her away as you scream and kick her. Sisterly love. 
You absolutely love Doo, and will go to home and not leave his arms for anything or anyone! Including me! He loves it and so do we. 
You’ve battled ear infections still- but I am trying my best to wait it out and one of those times it actually went away with the help of garlic mullen ear oil. Hoping they stay gone. 
You never sleep. Like never. Your naps are only a few minutes here and there.. the only time you will actually stay asleep is if I’m laying with you and you can nurse or feel me and rub my arm. 
You pinch and rub any part of my skin to go to sleep.. it’s the cutest, yet most annoying and painful thing ever. But I know you won’t do it forever.. so I’m pushing through the pain. 
Your hair is growing nicely, and is the exact same color of Lilly’s now. It’s weird how she started out with red hair, you with black and now they are the exact same shade of brown. 
We love you baby. I’m hoping I didn’t forget a single thing. (But all I do is forget lately. You’ve completely turned my brain into mush!) 
You’re the bestest baby and we love you Wrenny roo hoo. 

Here is a video of little naps I saved from January. 


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