Banana hair

You know that moment when you realize you haven’t showered in two days..and there is mashed banana in your hair? Yeah that was me about an hour ago. 

Last week we all got beat down with some type of virus that has since left us tired & so snotty. Baby is taking it the hardest, so it’s been non-stop nursing around the clock night and day. And crying. So much crying. So much snot.

*i need to add that I’ve had thrush on my boobs for a week, and I’m having to get another dose of meds to clear it.. so let’s just add incredibly painful boobies to a baby that refuses a bottle- and wants to nurse for comfort every hour to this mix. Yeah. I want to rip my boobs off. Like, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Ever. And that is the story about my boobs, sorry dad if you’re reading this* 

Anyway, back to the point. 

I bathed my beautiful, fussy, incredibly tired children at 630. You guys, early bedtime tonight because it’s been one of THOSE Mondays. 

Let’s just say they are lucky I even fed them and bathed them. 

Or remember their names. 

I made brandon get them out and then I climbed in. How amazing and nourishing is my hair gunna feel after this banana soak? Prob lavish. I was so embarrassed today at the school pick up.. I didn’t realize I had paint all over me (I had the bright idea to paint the entire house the last two weeks i am like so stupid) and one glance in my car window and I was shocked. Yikes.

So, anyway. I got a 10 min bath alone today you guys, and that is pretty much what this blog post is about. 


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