A love story,

I’ve never really written the story of how Brandon and I became inseparable, so I figured I’d attempt to without boring everyone.

It all started in 2008, it was a new year, we had both gotten away from bad, toxic relationships when we both started running into each other at parties. I know, how terrible that we met at a party, but oh well.
I had met Brandon a long time ago through sadly, my ex and some other friends at the mall. We’d run into each other, say hello and that was about it. Never in a million years did I think he would be my husband…never.

So, at these parties where we started running into each other, there was a bon fire. There was nowhere to sit and I was tired of standing, so I asked Brandon if he would pull me up a log to sit on, and he did of course, but wouldn’t sit next to me. (I thought it was weird, but it turned out he was super shy and had a crush on me.) Too cute. So, after a couple more parties an awkward encounters, I randomly texted him one day to hang out.
Of course he said yes, and we ‘dated’ a whole two weeks before saying, “i love you” and making it official, which was March 4th, 2008. ❤ After that day we drove around and listened to Brand New, New Found Glory and Regina Spektor on repeat and spent everyday together.

We moved in together after six months of dating, and after a year or so, he popped the million dollar question.
On my 21st birthday! Well, at my party. I had no clue, which is surprising since I hate surprises and always figure them out… Everyone was over at a friends house, dressed up in Halloween costumes.
I was a black cat, and Brandon dressed as a giant penguin. (I had thought that was a weird choice of a costume for him, but he had it all planned out because penguins look like they are wearing tuxedos..)
And so, as I blew out my cupcake candles, my little fancy penguin got down on one knee in front of friends and family and asked me to marry him.
I immediately busted into tears and sobs. Grabbed the ring, and put it on my own finger. I didn’t even give him a chance to do that for me. I finally stood up and hugged him so tight, and he had to whisper, “so will you marry me?” …I had been such a mess I didn’t realize I forgot to say yes. So, I said yes and everyone cheered. Probably the best birthday I’ll ever have. We were officially engaged on October 24th, 2009.

Also, if you can view it, this is a video of the proposal that a friend took.

Our wedding day was stressful and a little hurried due to some complications…it wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was the most beautiful wedding to us, with mostly only family there and some close friends, we tied the knot in a little bitty church and had a small little reception at my parents house. Simple and small. Just how I wanted it.
I married the love of my life on September 4th, 2010.