Mornings I’m going to miss.

These. These mornings. I cherish them so much. 

Summer days are longer and sometimes seem harder. With Lillian home and getting bored easily.. It being so hot we can’t even sit on the patio in the backyard. Some days are just harder. 
But I know I’m going to miss them. All of the hard days. Lillian officially starts kindergarten in a month and I can honestly say I’m not ready. 
I’m not ready for my baby to be gone all day. In hindsight Violet will get the one on one time like Lilly did with me.. But still. I love having my babies home. Even if I feel like on some days they are plotting my death. 

I’m going to miss the late summer nights where I nurse the baby to sleep in bed and Lilly plays barbies at my feet while I binge watch Greys. Where we all finally go to sleep.. And wake up sideways and on top of each other. 

The mornings where Lilly wakes up in her elf Christmas Jammie’s even though it’s 105 degrees but she just gets “so cold” at night. 
The mornings when I unswaddle Violet and she breaks free with her arms stretched at high as she can go. 

I’m not ready for them to grow up. VIOLET IS FOUR MONTHS OLD & LILLY STARTS SCHOOL. 

I can’t. It literally makes me cry. I want to live for the long days of summer. The late nights with my babies and the late mornings where I have coffee while Lilly eats breakfast & Violet nurses. I’m not ready. 

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